Get to know the team of experts from IELTSroadmap!

Our teachers are the very best of specialists from around the world.


Iman has been a senior ESL teacher and trainer for over a decade. He is an online educator specialist and a curriculum developer. Iman is also a published author and resides in Australia.



Nikan is a senior ESL teacher and trainer. He is a curriculum developer and a published author. He holds a PhD in Aerospace engineering. Nikan resides in Australia.



Brita LaTona has always had a passion for the English language and writing and has had articles published in local publications. Brita continues to teach community classes in Northern Colorado, USA.


Clive has worked as an English teacher in Spain, Mexico and his native Australia. Clive initially specialised in business English but in recent years he has run an IELTS coaching centre in Melbourne Australia.