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IELTSroadmap provides interactive web-based courses. These are NOT live sessions. This means, by purchasing a course, you can learn the materials wherever you are and whenever you desire! Check out our demo lessons to find out more!


We have created a series of easy-to-follow tutorials for you to become familiar with different features of our website. Click here to find out more.


All accounts are active and accessible for a period of 6 months from the time the purchase has been completed. During this period, users have unlimited access to the course content which allows them to review the lessons as many times as they wish. Furthermore, users can post course-related questions and consult with our team of experts within the allocated six-month period.


For general enquiries, you can send an email to [email protected]. Alternatively, if you are an enrolled user, you can contact us via the ticketing system here where you can make general enquiries or ask course-related questions. On IELTSroadmap.com, we make every effort to respond to all your questions within 24 working hours.


Our Gold Package gives access to ALL IELTSroadmap courses and provides a 20% discount. But wait! There’s more! You will also receive a 50% discount on an IELTSroadmap’s webinar of your choice!


Our courses can be easily accessed on cell phones, tablets, and personal computers. In order to ensure the compatibility of our content with your device(s), please view our demo lessons prior to purchasing the courses. This way, you can view selected parts of the courses and make sure they are displayed without technical issues on your device(s). Also, you can get a taste of the top-notch quality of our the contents of our courses through the highly representative demo lessons.