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About the Service

Features of the Writing Correction service:

  1. Correction by English-speaking teachers from IELTSroadmap
  2. Detailed identification of errors and suggestions for improvement
  3. Audio file containing personalized feedback on errors
  4. Feedback within four working days in Australia



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What makes IETSroadmap’s Writing Correction different from other similar services?

Quite a few things actually! Firstly, for each submitted Writing task, you will receive an AUDIO FILE that will provide CLEAR explanation regarding the main errors in your writing with some suggestions to help you improve your skills. Secondly, you will receive a DOCUMENT containing your modified answers as well as a detailed breakdown of your mistakes. So you will learn how to AVOID GETTING STUCK at a low band score.

How can I get the most benefit from the Writing Correction Service from IELTSroadmap?

Excellent question! While you can purchase the IELTS Writing Correction Service on its own, our advice is that you enrol in the courses from IELTSroadmap too. This way you WILL learn the material, complete the Quizzes, Assignments AND use our Writing Correction service altogether! You will ACE the IELTS if you follow our program!